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Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine that used to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. There are known benefits to Ozone therapy. Ryan Nelson DC, PC and his team at Root Medical in Vernal, Utah can help with this. They provide ozone therapy to help you heal and get lasting relief from pain without medications or surgery. See if 0zone therapy is right for you by booking an appointment on the phone today.

Patient Ozone Sauna Q & A

What is Medical Ozone and how is it beneficial?

Ozone in the medical world is made of pure oxygen using a special generator designed specifically for medical use. It does not contain hydrocarbons, nitrates, peroxides, sulphur oxides or any other potentially toxic material. Medical grade ozone is pure oxygen, nothing else. Oxygen utilization is the most global and sensitive marker for health that there is. Decreased oxygen utilization is really the root of disease. Ozone or O3, is a molecule which consists of three oxygen atoms sharing the same amount of electrons that makes two oxygen atoms stable. This means that because of its extra oxygen atom, ozone is a relatively unstable molecule. This instability is exactly why it is so powerful in the human body. When ozone is introduced into the body an amazing thing occurs, it stimulates the mitochondria in your cells ten times better than O2 can to use the oxygen they get more efficiently. Oxygen works its wonders within each cell called mitochondria. Healthy person’s mitochondria should make up almost 50% of the entire mass of the cell. Your oxygen utilization is a direct indicator of how well your mitochondria are functioning. Which is why introducing ozone into the body will stimulate efficient mitochondria function.

What is an Ozone Sauna? How does it work?

An Ozone Sauna is an indoor sauna pod. It is a fiberglass body that can easily fit into a small space. This pod or chamber has two doors an adjustable seat and an opening for your head. The pod is used with reverse osmosis or distilled water. When it’s time for a treatment the sauna will be set by a tech to a specific temperature, once it reaches the desired temperature you will enter the pod. The sauna is equipped with an oxygen tank and ozone generator. The oxygen is run through the generator and as a result the ozone is introduced into the cabinet. First the steam is going to heat your body up. This opens and dilates all the blood vessels in your skin so that the ozone can be absorbed better. The heat also provides an aerobic effect similar to exercise causing your heart rate to go up. Don’t worry this is just as beneficial as it is when you are exercising. As the ozone interacts with your skin it will create peroxides, these peroxides will then be absorbed into our blood stream and as a result will produce systemic effects beneficial to you.

The heat from the sauna will sooth your nerve endings and also warms up and relaxes your muscles. Each session lasts between15 to 25 minutes. A tech will come in and check on you and offer you a drink if needed. It I important that you do not handle or manipulate the temperature sensor; this should only be done by a qualified tech also this may change the readings of temperature that the sensor collects for the steam generator and may also damage

What are the benefits of the Ozone Sauna?

  • Increases the delivery of oxygen to the cells
  • Increases oxygen utilization
  • Causes the body to release endorphins and enkephalins, feel good molecules your body produces to reduce the impact of stress on the body, they reduce the impact of stress o the body.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Stimulates detoxification
  • Stimulates antioxidant enzymes
  • Ozone is directly toxic to all microbes
  • Skin Purifier
  • Detoxifies the body by helping you burn fat and sweat and release toxins.
  • Enhances circulation
  • Relaxes muscles by reducing buildup of lactic acid and increasing muscle flexibility
  • Kills viruses, fungi and bacteria by direct contact
  • Excretes heavy metals
  • Purifies blood & lymphatic system
  • Relieves joint aches and arthritis pain
  • Increase fat burning
  • Weight management
  • Calms Anxiety